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Advantages of SPU Technology


Key Advantages of SPU range of pyrolysis units

High efficiency range



SPUnits are capable of generating more than 1 MW electrical and 2 MW thermal from 1 tonne of waste/biofuel, across a range from 1 tonne per hour up to 4 tonnes per hour. Operating in continuous mode, the largest unit processes 64,000 tonnes per annum.


Low emissions



No dioxins produced. Residual emissions from SPUnits are significantly lower than other comparable ATT technologies currently developed.


Zero waste


No effluent or ash disposal to landfill or to other processes. SPUnits are the only char recycle system to be thermally balanced whilst sustaining heat for the pyrolysis process. Any liquid effluent can be processed within the thermal oxidiser.


Fuel Diverse


SPUnits can handle a multiplicity of wastes/biofuels, either individually or mixed, and can efficiently convert them into electrical and thermal energy.


Multiple Applications


A SPUnits can be used as for; power generation, waste disposal, Torrefaction, and a carbon generation system for soil remediation. Future possibilities exist for carbon sequestration, hydrogen fuel cell generation and biofuels production.




Low Operating Costs


Highly automated process requires minimal manpower or manual intervention during 24 / 7 continuous operation.


Return on Capital


The efficiencies of the SPUnits range relative to all other ATT conversion technologies currently developed ensures the highest comparable return on capital invested.
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